Melatonin Game Online Play Free

Melatonin is an incredibly atmospheric and beautiful rhythm game. Here you are able to go on an amazing journey through different universes that are full of amazing things. It is important to note that here there is a possibility of traveling through two universes: reality and the world of dreams.

Half Asleep is a new studio that has released a really high quality product. In a fairly short period of time, they were able to get a large number of fans who are now expecting something of the same atmosphere. Therefore, the problem is to just wait for it. Thus, after all you are equal to playing it.

The game is currently available on PC. But it is rather possible that something else interesting has the possibility of appearing soon, or developers may also start development on mobile devices. In this case, they are able to reach an even more audience.

Fantastic Adventure

You will find yourself in an amazing world of dreams. In the process, you have to, because this game is in the rhythm genre, perform certain actions on time. Therefore, attempt to catch the general vibe and flow. Then everything goes like clockwork for you!

There are more than twenty levels in which it is necessary for you to demonstrate your sense of rhythm. Therefore, you need to have some pastime to press the necessary buttons. It is worth mentioning that at first you may not do so well. But over time, you have a chance to improve your skills.

Moreover, each moment it is possible for you to improve your reaction speed. Therefore, playing Melatonin can be not only relaxing, but also quite beneficial. Basically, it’s pretty versatile.

On the one hand, it is possible for you to enjoy the music and basically be relaxed. Therefore, you are capable of calming down and going to bed soon.

But on the other hand, if you like to test yourself and, in principle, try to do everything actively, then there is a possibility of trying yourself just the same in modes that will test your reaction speed. Therefore, you get a look-in to improve these qualities and do several attempts to receive the best score.

The Opportunities You Have

It is important to note that the gameplay here is quite diverse. Therefore, if you want to show your creativity a little, then you can not only walk through them. Accordingly, there is a feature that allows you to create your own levels.

Therefore, you have a chance to make it quite complex. Moreover, you have the opportunity to add various chips and hacks there. Additionally, the level you create is unique and really exciting.

Accordingly, in general, this project is not only interesting and is gaining great popularity now, but also very promising. Therefore, the studio may think about adding a lot of extra things here, or just start working on a sequel or something really different.

Therefore, the concept that there are different worlds is up to continuing. Accordingly, it is likely that something new has a chance to appear further. Therefore, fans now can only wait. And maybe in the future they are up to start playing it!